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Apple Fixes Group FaceTime Flaw: Download iOS 12.1.4 IPSW

Apple has released iOS 12.1.4 update to patch the embarrassing Group FaceTime flaw. There’s already much said and discussed about how this flaw was found and how Apple paid no attention to it until it was made public. So there’s no point discussing it further here. What matters now, is that Apple has fixed that flaw with iOS 12.1.4.

Along with the latest iOS update, Apple has also released macOS 10.14.3 supplemental update which fixes the FaceTime flaw on Macs. In addition to the group FaceTime flaw, Apple has also discovered and fixed a vulnerability in the Live Photos feature of FaceTime. Two other 0day vulnerabilities were also fixed with latest these latest updates.

Apple has disabled the group FaceTime feature on older versions of iOS. In order to make it work again, updating to iOS 12.1.4 is required. Even if you don’t care much about the group FaceTime feature like me, those two vulnerabilities provide enough reasons to update your device to iOS 12.1.4.

How to Update to iOS 12.1.4

As usual, you can update your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch to using Over the Air (OTA) update directly from settings or use the stock iOS file (IPSW file) to completely erase and update your device.

OTA is the easiest and quickest way to update your device to the latest iOS version. to do so, connect your iOS device to a power outlet and WiFi, go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap Download and Install. Your device should be updated to iOS 12.1.4 after a reboot.

Using an IPSW file to update your device requires more time and efforts. If you don’t know how to completely erase and update your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using an iOS 12.1.4 IPSW file, refer to this article.

If you choose to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using an IPSW file, you can download iOS 12.1.4 IPSW from the direct download links given below.

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Download iOS 12.1.4 IPSW for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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