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Signal’s Desktop Apps Get Voice and Video Calling in Beta

Looks like one of the most requested features is finally coming to Signal’s desktop apps. Signal has announced the availability of voice and video calls on its Windows, macOS, and Linux apps in beta.

Those who are interested in trying the voice and video calling feature can download Signal’s beta desktop apps while still keeping the regular app on their device. Beta feedback about the feature is being collected here.

Like its mobile apps, Signal calls on desktop are end-to-end encrypted. Calling on desktop is currently limited to one-to-one conversation and the announcement does not make it clear when and if group calling is coming. It suggests, however, that Signal will be sharing more about Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) forking and other behind-the-scenes changes that help improve calls.

With Signal finally adding one of the most requested features to its desktop apps soon, users might want to give privacy blunders of Zoom and Skype a break. Other popular messaging apps Threema and Telegram also recently launched encrypted video calling on their mobile apps but it’s not clear when the feature will come to their desktop apps.

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