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5 Tips That Will Make Working on New Mac Easier

If you have been using Windows for quite a long time and switched to macOS, you should not find any difficulty in understanding or using your new computer. However, it may take some time to learn the ways to use it efficiently.

The tips mentioned in this article will allow you to get acquainted with the new device proficiently. Many easy-to-follow tricks are still left unexplored by Mac users. So, this article will help all the users whether they are new to macOS or have been using it for quite some time.

Copy & Paste across Devices

Did you know you can copy a file on your Mac and paste it on your MacBook? To use this feature, you need to place two devices nearby, and both the devices must be connected to the iCloud with the same Apple ID.

The Bluetooth should be turned ON and must be connected to the same WiFi. Most importantly, turn on the HandOff feature on both devices.

Edit PDF in Mac

PDF is one of the most secure file formats widely used to share information over email or messaging apps. You can make PDF editable right from the Preview app on your MacBook. In the Preview app, click on the icon that looks like a pencil in a circle.

Clicking this icon will open the Markup tool that will allow you to use text selection, sketch and drawing tools, text and sign, note tools, and more to annotate the selected PDF.

More Tips on Editing the PDF in Preview App

Add Text to PDF: Click on the Text icon from the Markup tools. A Text box will appear; you can write the text to add it to the document as side notes. You can even change the position of the box by clicking and dragging it to any desired location in the document.

You can also use the Text tool to add feedback and suggestions. Also, you may use it to add notes or simply to enhance the document when preparing for a presentation.

Add Signature to PDF: In macOS, you can even add your signatures to the PDF file digitally without getting the hard copy of the document or getting it scanned. To do this, click on the Signature icon and Create Signature.

To add your Signature, you may sign it on the piece of blank paper and capture it with the webcam, or you can sign it using the Trackpad. Once you are satisfied with the signatures, add them to the document at the appropriate location. You can also adjust the size of the signature while placing it on the document.

Hide and Show the Menu Bar

The menu bar can be a little irritating or space-consuming when you do not need it. If you want the menu bar to hide automatically, you need to follow a few steps. Go to the System Preferences, click General, tick the Automatically hide and show the menu bar option.

As you do it, the menu bar will hide automatically and will turn visible whenever you move your mouse arrow to the top of the screen.

Screenshot Specific Part of the Screen

When you need a screenshot of a portion of your Mac screen, you can actually do that using the keyboard shortcut keys. All you need to do is press Command + Shift + 4 keys on the keyboard, and a box will appear, which you can adjust to capture the desired area of the screen.

If you want to screenshot the entire screen, press Command + Shift + 3 keys altogether. You can save the screenshot anywhere on the desired location on your computer.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other useful keyboard shortcuts you can utilize on a MacBook. The more often you use them, the more time you can save, which, in return, increases your overall efficiency.

Rename Multiple Files at Once

Renaming multiple files one by one is annoying and time-consuming as well. However, your Mac allows you to rename multiple files at once and save a lot of time and effort. 

To do this, all you need to do is select all the files that you want to rename, right-click anywhere on the selection, select Rename, and all the files will be renamed in a sequential format.

Renaming bulk files at once is beneficial when you want to save the documents belonging to one project.

The Conclusion

There’s a lot more to learn about macOS, its features, and its functions. The operating system is sophisticated and offers a plethora of features to give you a smooth working experience. The tips mentioned in this article are simple, but learning them will help you save time, increase your performance, and make working with macOS a breeze.

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