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Apple’s iWatch to Come in Two Sizes, Three Colours?

As time goes by, speculations surrounding Apple’s iWatch release continue. While it is not yet confirmed if Apple will follow Samsung in releasing a smartwatch, the rumors about its release are taking up a huge space all over the internet. Even Apple has not yet confirmed if anything like iWatch exists in Apple’s always “secret” plans. But market researchers are believing that Apple will release one. And it is going to be soon.

Now, if the tech buzz is to be believed, Apple’s much awaited “iWatch” will come in two sizes and three different colors. Rumor has it that there will be two different configuration of 1.8-inch iWatch model, and the higher-end version of it will have scratch-resistant sapphire glass. iWatch is believed to be available in lower-end 1.6-inch variant too.

Smart Watch looks amusing in concept but the they are unable to attract people towards it. When Samsung released its much anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch last year, it was met with negative response. And even Galaxy Gear 2 couldn’t cover up for it. There are many companies in market which are making smartwatches but none of them is able to actually amuse the tech lovers. Apple is known for doing things differently and making them better. Probably that’s why we are expecting Apple to revolutionize the smartwatch market by releasing iWatch.

Amid speculations and rumors of iWatch release, Apple is expected to release iWatch later this year. As it went with the iPhone release way back in 2007, let us hope Apple is able to do the magic again with wrist-worn gadget, iWatch.

So, what do you think about Apple’s iWatch? How eagerly are you waiting for its release? Do you think iWatch is something to hold our breath for? And if released, will you buy one? Have thoughts to share? Comments are welcomed.

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