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Watch Microsoft Make Peace With Apple and Spread Harmony

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ff3b3e” txt_color=”#ffffff”]C[/mks_dropcap]an there be peace between every rival company out there? Can they come together united to bring something that can help change the world? I’m not sure about the answers. But being in the tech world, I have knowledge of companies like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft mocking each other in their commercials. One such commercial was recently released by HTC to mock Apple and to be true, this is neither new, nor surprising. But Microsoft made some sort of difference in a sweet stunt recently.

In efforts to spread the spirit of harmony this holiday season, a number of Microsoft employees, who were selected from across the country, gathered together. These employees were meeting each other for the first time. Now that’s not the harmony I’m talking about. So where does Apple come in the picture? Wait! It does.

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All these Microsoft employees meeting each other at Microsoft 5th Ave Store, New York were then joined by children of the neighborhood who marches towards the Apple store just nearby in north.

Once reaching the Apple store, Microsoft employees and everyone joining their little march, sings “Let There Be Peace On Earth” by Jill Jackson Miller. Microsoft employees were fittingly welcomed by Apple employees in the neighborhood and as you can see at the end of video, Apple employees were clearly touched by the performance of their rivals. They even exchange some warm hugs. Rivalry at its best I would say!

Here’s the video: Watch Microsoft Make Peace With Apple and Spread Harmony

The video was shot on November 16th at 5th Avenue, NYC where Microsoft just opened its flagship store in October. Microsoft truly win hearts in effort to spread harmony this holiday season. Hearing “Let There Be Peace On Earth” in a sweet chorus is a great feeling and the expressions of Apple employees clearly says they felt the same too. While throwing dirt on rivals is an old tradition by corporations, such attempts make a difference for sure.

This may be just a video but the message it spread is big. Harmony and peace is what we need these days and corporations coming out and shacking hands definitely does some good, not only to corporations but for their users like us as well.

What are your thoughts? Should there be more of such efforts to make peace between such huge corporations? Or is this just a publicity stunt and we aren’t going to see much of this? Feel free to add your comments.

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