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Is iTunes Mysteriously Deleting Your Songs? A Fix Is On Its Way

A report on MacNN suggests that Apple has promised to fix a bug that is causing local music files to be deleted or substituted. This mysterious issue has been reported by a very small number of users and it is said to be related to either iTunes or Apple Music.

MacNN further reports that Apple has issued an official statement regarding this bug saying the company was unable to reproduce the issue in their tests. Despite being unable to reproduce the said issue, Apple will released an iTunes update as soon as early next week which will carry additional safeguards.

MacNN and iMore carried out a number of tests to identify this issue. In their tests, they have found that the original files were not being deleted without user’s permission. “Tags on existing music files and “matched” files coming from Apple Music were often incorrect — errors ranging from the live version of a song compared to a recorded version, or even just outright replacement of a different song.” states the MacNN report.

Although being reported by an “extremely small number of users,” Apple is taking these reports seriously. Apple’s statement on the matter is as follows.

“In an extremely small number of cases, users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission. We’re taking these reports seriously, as we know how important music is to our customers, and our teams are focused on identifying the cause. We have not been able to reproduce this issue, however, we’re releasing an update to iTunes early next week which includes additional safeguards. If a user experiences this issue they should contact AppleCare.”

It looks like we can expect an iTunes update next week, which will hopefully help resolve this bug.

Source: MacNN / Vellum

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