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Dropbox Moves 500PB of Data from AWS to Own Infrastructure

An early adopter of Amazon’s cloud services, Dropbox has relied on AWS to store its users’ data till now. Dropbox has announced via a blog entry that the company has moved 90% of data off AWS to its in-house infrastructure.

“We’re excited to announce that we’re now storing and serving over 90 percent of our users’ data on our custom-built infrastructure,” said Akhil Gupta via the blog entry.

The enormous growth of company’s services prompted Dropbox to start building its own infrastructure in 2013. By October 2015, Dropbox had achieved its goal of serving 90 percent of its data from its own storage systems.

“As the needs of our users and customers kept growing, we decided to invest seriously in building our own in-house storage system,” said Gupta. Dropbox’s switch to its in-house storage will provide better performance and customization.

Started in 2008, Dropbox has become one of the most widely used cloud storage services. Dropbox is now storing more than 500 Petabytes of user data.

Dropbox stores two type of data: file content, and metadata about files and users. Dropbox had been using a hybrid architecture -storing metadata in its own data centers while file content was stored on Amazon. Moving such huge amount of data was a tough goal to accomplish.

“We knew we’d be building one of only a handful of exabyte-scale storage systems in the world. It was clear to us from the beginning that we’d have to build everything from scratch, since there’s nothing in the open source community that’s proven to work reliably at our scale,” said Gupta.

Dropbox will continue to partner with Amazon as well as investing in its own infrastructure. Dropbox’s decision makes its goals clear about expanding its services in coming future.

Source: Dropbox

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