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Icedrive Is Offering 1TB Lifetime Cloud Storage with E2EE for Just $149

Out of the five cloud storage providers with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption that I recommend, Icedrive is the newest and least expensive. Based in Wales, Icedrive offers reliable cloud storage at attractive rates with monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans to choose from.

If you prefer paying monthly, you will pay $4.99 for 1TB and $17.99 for 5TB storage. The yearly 1TB plan is available for $49.99 a year, saving $9.88 every year. For $179.99 a year, you can increase the storage to 5TB. If you would rather opt for smaller storage, you can get the 150GB plan that costs $19.99 a year.

While Icedrive’s yearly plans are as cheap as they are, I find better value for money in a lifetime plan where you pay a flat price just once and get the said storage for ‘lifetime.’ Not only lifetime storage costs less, it makes your storage immune from future price hikes. For the cloud company, lifetime plans provide better sustainability and allows them to focus on developing features.

If you missed Icedrive’s Black Friday offer where you could get 2TB lifetime storage for just $229, you still have other plans to choose from. By opting for a lifetime plan over monthly/yearly plan, you can make huge savings. And because the company offers a 14-day money back guarantee , you can claim your money back if you think Icedrive isn’t suitable for you.

Icedrive Cloud Storage Overview

For a quick overview of Icedrive’s features, it uses Twofish encryption algorithm instead of the widely-used AES. Thanks to XFS filesystem, there is virtually no limit on file size which is a blessing for users who often work with large files.

Its apps – available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – are easy to use and a web interface is available, too. For Windows users, Icedrive has a ‘virtual drive’ app that lets you work on files without downloading — just like you would use your physical drive. For macOS and Linux, there are ‘portable’ apps to keep your data in sync.

Icedrive Encrypted Cloud Storage

Icedrive’s mobile apps support auto upload and camera upload features. Users can upload entire folders to cloud via web, desktop or mobile apps. Documents and vectors can be previewed within the browser – without downloading them locally.

WebDAV protocol is supported and available for all paid users.

Like many other cloud providers, Icedrive puts a limit on data transfers and both uploads and downloads deduct the bandwidth. Currently you can’t share encrypted files but if you use your cloud storage mainly for backup like I do, this won’t be a problem. You can still share a file from regular folders which are encrypted on server side. Two-factor authentication is not supported yet. IceDrive being relatively new, I expect all this to change in future. If these features are deal-breakers for you, I suggest you checkout pCloud – a Swiss provider that also offers zero-knowledge cloud.

Some interesting features currently on their roadmap are white label and cloud-based document editor along with two-factor authentication.

Icedrive Lifetime Plans: Summary

Icedrive’s 1TB lifetime plan costs $149. That’s a huge saving over yearly payments. Not only you pay $75 less, you get cloud storage that doesn’t expire. For those who need even more storage, there’s also a 5TB lifetime plan that costs $499 – saving you $250 over yearly plan.

If you were considering upgrading your cloud storage in size, opting for a 1TB or 5TB lifetime plan can offer you huge storage at a one time payment. For a cloud storage with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption, Icedrive’s 1TB plan is a great value for money in my opinion.

I find Icedrive to be a no-nonsense cloud providers. Its apps and web interface are clean and easy to get used to. Being a new player in the market, Icedrive offers highly competitive rates and I think its lifetime plans are worth the price.

Go ahead, have a look at Icedrive’s plans and upgrade to a huge 1TB or 5TB lifetime cloud storage.

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