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This Easter, Gift Your Family A Lifetime of Encrypted Cloud Storage

pCloud Easter Promo 2022

With our growing reliance on clouds to store our data, it’s important not to ignore the privacy concerns. If you are still relying on free cloud providers, it’s possible that your data is being mined in a breach of your trust and privacy. I treat all my data as private and it should be up to me if I wanted to share it with anyone else.

Data privacy comes at a price, indeed. But if you value the privacy of your data in the cloud, the cost is justified. There are clouds that put privacy first and make sustainable income through paid plans instead of data mining. These zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted clouds encrypt the data on client-side (on your device) as compared to other clouds that encrypt data only on the server-side. Client-side encryption makes sure the data is encrypted before it leaves your device.

Regular readers would know that I use and recommend pCloud as one of the best end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. The Switzerland-based cloud is one of the very few clouds that offer zero-knowledge encryption at great price.

pCloud Plans

pCloud’s yearly plans start at $49.99 for 500GB and $99 for 2TB storage. There are monthly plans as well, starting at $4.99 for 500GB and $9.99 for 2TB. Best value, however, lies in pCloud’s lifetime plans – a one time payment of $175 for 500GB and $350 for 2TB.

While these plans are great for individuals, users who would like to share their cloud space with their family members can opt for pCloud’s Family plan. This plan offers 2TB of shared storage space that can be allocated to up to five users. Although the total space is shared, users can not see each other’s data. This space can be adjusted as required for each user. While signing up (or later) you can choose where you’d like your data to be stored – European Union or USA.

pCloud Encrypted Cloud Family Plan

All users get an encrypted space to store their data. If you like, a file or folder can be shared with others – even if they don’t use pCloud. pCloud’s iOS and Android apps can be set up to automatically upload camera roll, making sure you always have a backup of all your pictures and videos.

All other pCloud features are also available to each user.

pCloud’s Family plan usually costs a one time payment of $500. But this Easter, the encrypted cloud provider is offering an additional discount, taking $100 off the price. For a one time payment of $400, you can get a 2TB of robust cloud solution that can be shared with 4 more users. For a privacy-minded family, there can’t be a better gift.

This offer lasts until Easter and the discount is reduced each 24-hour period. If you are serious about getting your family on a privacy-friendly cloud without breaking a bank, this is a good chance. Checkout more details about pCloud Easter offer here.

You can read my long-term pCloud review here.

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